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Tourism Can Be More Profitable

The world famous touristic region strengthens it’s positions. The strategic tourism development plan in Catalonia according to the opinion of the experts, makes this most important part of the economic more concurrent. The tourism brings currently more than 11% of the gross income of the community and employs directly about 200 thousands people. What to do at sentosa singapore¬†

Catalonia is famous not only for it’s coastal resorts and Barcelona, was visited in 2006 by 7,9 million tourists and the total amount of the days reserved in hotels made up about 27 million. This area takes the second place in the list of the most visited places in Europe, leaving the first position only to the Ille-de-France (the historical district of France including Paris) that has been visited by 14 million tourists in the last year.

According to the latest information, gathered by the Caixa Catalunya financial institution, Catalonia welcomes more tourists than the Balearic islands, Andalusia, Canarian Islands, Prague, Madrid and Munich.

The share of the foreign tourists measured in the amount of the guests staying in hotels has been increased in this region from 19,2 % in 2000 to 25,7% in 2006.

However, according to the tourism income statistics, the region is not at the top place compared with the other regions of Spain. In 2006 the average tourists expenses indicator made up 634 Euro for the whole duration of stay (14-th place) and 80 Euro per day (15-th place), when the general figure in Spain made up 857 Euro and 91 Euro correspondingly.

One of the long-term tasks of Catalonia – is to increase the profit from each tourist. There is a specific program developed especially to increase the amount and variety of companies in the tourist and amusement services in the region.


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