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Tips for Dating Women – Symptoms of an Unfaithful Woman

These tips for dating women will show you how an unfaithful woman would behave with you. Keep an eye on any woman you see that’s using these deceiving tactics with you. กลุมลับ

Women cheat, not as much as men, but they cheat. If you are unable to know whether she does it with you or not, your heart will be at her mercy. Women will cheat for a lot of reasons, most of them are very different to reasons guys have for cheating. This is not our subject today; you have only to know for now how to know if she is playing emotional games with you.

· The first sign in these tips for dating women is that she will compliment you more than unusual.

You may think that this is absurd and not really a sign, but trust me; it’s a great indicator that a woman you are dating is having an affair behind your back. If she never complimented you or did it very rarely and suddenly starts raining compliments all over, you have to get suspicious.

Women are known for being very cheap on compliments; they don’t give them a lot. A woman who compliments you often is either hiding something from you or preparing to leave you. This is the very first thing a woman who cheats on you will do.

· The second sign in these tips for dating women is that she will be nice to you.

A woman being nice to you is the desired thing we want from dating women. It’s legitimate; however, when you are given an overdose of niceness, you have to be very careful. Most women cheating will be feeling very bad and will have a huge remorse; this is the reason why they will do everything possible to make you feel fine and happy.

She will start buying you gifts.
She will start calling you often and asking about you
She will try to make you talk about your problems and behave as if she was your closest friend.

Don’t get me wrong here! Don’t start doubting any woman who tries to be nice with you, I’m only talking here about an obvious change of behavior.

Women are moody most of the times, they are nice by nature, but they will never give you too much of their niceness, they like to be hard to get when they like you and they will never show you that you’ve won, this is why you have to keep an eye on a girl who treats you like the only man in her life.


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