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Bike Racks – Helping You to Take Outdoor Pursuits Further From Home

Bicycle racks some in two forms, either attached to a car roof or fixed to a location. Car racks are used by bike enthusiasts to transport their bike to a location of their choice, fixing to the roof of the vehicle and having fastenings for one or sometimes several bikes. Racks like this are available from most outdoor supply shops and come in a variety of models to fit both family cars and larger vehicles. Modern car mounted racks hold the bike upright by the frame and both wheels, though some attach to the rear of the car and hold the bike from the side.

The fixed bike rack is found anywhere from public parks and schools to nature reserves. These racks are usually some form of concrete block with iron rods attached to it, serving as a place for cyclists to fasten their bike securely and prevent theft.

Some racks work by allowing the user to fasten the front wheel of the bike to the frame. The problem is that thieves found that if the area is clear enough they can unfasten the front wheel from the actual bike, thus managing to steal the majority of the bike, only requiring a spare wheel to make it sellable. Instead many bike racks are built to allow the actual frame to be fixed in, which is also more stable.

Public bike racks are usually financed by the local government, and are most prominent in cities that promote healthy life styles. Many European cities like Amsterdam are known for having cycling as a recommended mode of transport, and supply the citizens with racks. Once in New York city, a building was amazed to find a bike rack appear out of nowhere outside their premises, with no explanation as to who installed it.

Bike racks of both styles have become an invaluable commodity to cyclists. The last thing a commuter needs it to be forced to entrust their bike outside their workplace, or to get a police ticket after attaching it to a lamppost. Car racks enable keen cyclists living in the city to practise their riding in the great outdoors without having to cycle the whole way.


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